Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy busy busy

Summer is finally here! wwoohhooo! For those not in my area of Japan, allow me to fill you in. The hot humid weather we are used to in this area finally arrived. Well, not that you ever get "used to" the hot humid weather. lol It was 60 degrees in early June. VERY unusual from what I understand. June also brings out 2 year anniversary of living in Japan. It ALSO means, just 1 more year left here. Boy have we got a lot of traveling to do in the next 12 months! Oh so back to the busy part. lol Well, I decided to sell some of my cards online. I plan to eventually start up an etsy store. For now, I am listing them on a site owned buy a guy here locally. I vow to no longer do the craft fairs on base. Their fees are too high for such a low turnout of customers.
I am now the President of the Middle School PTO here. This is my first time in an officer position for PTO. I'm sure it will be a learning experience. I'm looking forward to an exciting year.
Yesterday, I went to Key Spouse training. I can't wait to offer help and support to our squadron families.
And finally the biggest news...we have a new addition to our family. I'm sure by now you have noticed her picture. How could you not? lol A lady was moving and couldnt take her Silkie Terrier with her. We adopted this sweetie into our home. Her name is Princess. We aren't loving that name. It just feels weird to us all to yell Princess outside or even say it. lol We just aren't fru fru name people I guess. Plus, it doesnt seem to really suit her. So, we are debating changing it. She doesnt really answer to Princess anyway. We have already trained her to walk on the leash and stay off the furniture. (for the most part) She seems to know "sit" but not lay down. She loves playing with her tennis ball. The lady we got her from said she never got a cage or house for her to sleep in. She said her bed was the sofa. Not in our home! lol She is very happy sleeping in her house. She goes in there at various times so we know she likes it in there.
Well, thats about it for now. I have a doctor's appointment shortly. The girls are coming over for lunch. We just might get crafty. Depends on how much talking we do. lol I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Do something crafty!


Julie said...

Michelle, what a nice thing to do for this woman. I am sure it was not easy for her to leave Princess behind and she has found a special home with your family! What a lucky little dog. :)

Kelli said...

Your new fur baby is so cute! You can change a dog's name, apparently it's not too hard.