Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few holiday cards

I hope everyone is having a safe & fun holiday season. I've been busy with my new job, making cards to mail, making gifts and today, making candy for dd's school party. Here are some of the cards I made usings scraps of paper. I hope to use up a good bit of my stash. I will post a tutorial for these after the holidays. My 9 year old dd helped with all the paper folding.

Time to celebrate ME!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sorry I haven't been around

Life has gotten so busy. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving & is having a nice holiday season. My son's bday was the week prior to Thanksgiving. He had 8 teeth removed last week. After braces, he will need major jaw surgery. (more about that when the time comes) He's doing really well. Motrin takes away the pain for him so thats good. We spent Thanksgiving day with friends at their house. After lunch, we went to see Bolt. ADORABLE movie! I cant wait to buy the dvd. That night, for dinner, we took the kids to the conveyor belt sushi place. They loved it & tried many new things.
On to the most recent news.....I got the job at the Arts & Crafts Center!!!! yyyeeeaaahhhhhhh My first day at work was yesterday. I love it! Everyone is so easy to get along with & work with. They are open to ideas which makes it nice. They have a customer/employee product suggestion list. Y'all know my list is long! lol I go to work for 2 hours, come home for a few hours then head back for 3 more hours. Thats just for this week so I can train on the register during the day. My normal hours will be early evening til closing.
I'll try to post some artwork tomorrow. I've tried some new things that I cant wait to share. I just have to resize it all to post here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SBS 25 Challenge #5

Challenge #5 is to use 2 different patterned papers & glitter in a card. I got on a roll with this one. I used Club Scrap's Cyprus kits for these cards. All the embellishments came with the kit. Gotta love getting everything all together, all matchy matchy, in one box.



Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog Candy Alert!!!!!!

So I'm browsing through blogs looking for candy. There are some amazing ones out there right now too! I'm getting ideas for mine. I think I'll offer something when I hit 1000 views. That should give me plenty of time to get something together. I know I will have plenty of Japanese ephemera to offer. I'll add more to this as I find them. So, check out the candy I found:

You Want the Cookie?
Franmade Cards & Things
All the Things I Love
This one is all month long and various giveaways!! Stamped Smiles

For you gals living in the UK and Ireland, this one is for you only:
Saturday's Secrets

Friday, November 7, 2008

Janet you ROCK!!!!

Janet is soo amazing! She presented me with my first blog award today. Thanks so much Janet. I am so honored. Pass on this wonderful award!! I'll try not to duplicate gals who have already received this award.
The rules are:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees. I nominate:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SBS Challenge #4

FINALLY after numerous camera issues, I have pics of my card for our fourth challenge. One day, I will post my challenge in time. lol The challenge was a bday card with 2 embellishments. We got bonus points if we used purple, green, black and rust. This is my first Tim Holtz inspired tag too. I received an envelope of Tim Holtz goodies from Laurel in the All Things Tim group. Thanks again Laurel! You rock!! The papers are from Club Scraps' Wheels & Sprockets & Private Eye kits. The lady is an image I had saved.I used Distress inks in Vintage Photo and Tea Dye. I used Royal Purple Staz On ink to stamp "happy" on the fragment clear tag. I'm sending this card to my mom for her bday. It won't get there by the 7th but she's knows its gonna be late. lol

Change is in the air........

Ok, the elections are over. Its done. We have a new president. This is a historical time in our world. Hopefully, Obama can come through with the change he promised. The day before the election, Biden said something along the lines of, "We will make sure your kids go to college." Ok, I don't remember the quote exactly but you get the point. Anyway, when its time for my son to go to college, I will definitely be thinking of that promise. Don't think I wont write a letter saying, pay up. lol Now I can write to my Texas representatives about the astronomical gas prices here on base. That issue is another entire blog entry in itself. Long story short, we are STILL paying $4.06/gallon and the stories they are feeding us don't add up. Enough of all that....
The other change in my life...... My beloved Club Scrap has made a HUGE change. No longer will we have separate sites for the chat forum and their website. Everything is now housed under one location. I'm loving most of the features over there. Its nice to have my own gallery. The upload speed when I add art to my gallery is AMAZING!!! I love the fact that it didn't take me 20 bazillion tries to resize the image I wanted to use for my avatar. However, the site keeps going down. :( I am online at various times during the day so its not like its going down during the busiest of times. Remember, I am 15 hours ahead of Club Scrap Time. (Central Standard Time or Cowboys Standard Time as hubby says lol) There has been a bit of resistance to the new site. I understand the frustration many of the gals are experiencing. When we went from the yahoo group to the current chat forum a year ago, I hated it. I resisted the change. I however, became to love it. I don't think its the actual chat forum, its the people. The gals at Club Scrap Chat have become like family for me. I hope those that don't make the transition will continue to keep in touch. If you are reading this and you are one of those gals, let me know if you need my email. :)
So, chin up gals! Change is here! We can either embrace it or dig in our heels and rebel, fuss, pout or move on. The point is, CS decided to go with the new forum. We either head over there or move on with our lives. I wish everyone the best of luck with everything.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tokyo Sea Life Park

I chaperoned a field trip to Tokyo Sea Life Park. It took us over 3 hours to get there but only 2 to arrive back home. Gotta love Tokyo traffic. NOT! We had less than 1 hour to tour the aquarium. We plan to go back one weekend so we can actually see everything and take our time. Walking up, we saw the cool shape of the building.
Once we got to the upper platform, we noticed the two pools of water that seemed to spill over the edge of the wall. To the right, was Tokyo Bay. Then we looked left. What was that? Did I see a castle? and wait, theres... is it??? YES!!! Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Its Tokyo Disneyland!!!!! YEAH!!!! I zoomed in all the way with my Nikon camera to snap several pics. Eventually, we WILL make it to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.
Ok, back to the aquarium.....It appears to be set up really nice. Each tank is arrange in order of where the fish inside are located on the globe. All the Pacific fish together, Atlantic, etc, etc. Who would have known that penguins would be living in Japan?! And outside at that! We were pleasantly surprised.
It was difficult to snap good pictures when we were in such a hurry. The names of the fish and the map are in Japanese as well as English. I'm too lazy to resize these pics so click on them to see the whole image. lol
Aren't these little girls the cutest??? They kept staring at us. The aquarium was PACKED with schools on tour. Ours was the only American group. It was very windy outside. This little girl snagging her hat turned out to be one of the cutest pics of the day!
Check out the Japanese bus and the cool shaped tree in the parking lot. I only wish I had gotten all of the ferris wheel in the pic. I wasn't paying attention to that when I snapped this pic. We were rushing back to the bus because we were late. Don't worry, the teacher was too. lol
Ok, y'all know how I love pink. Well this pink bus was parked next to our bus. Check out the logo. lol

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Take a free online class with me!!!!!

If you are anything like me, you have tons of great layouts and photos around the house. However, the stories behind those wonderful memories are still trapped in your mind, waiting to be let loose, waiting to be shared, waiting to be told! Jessica Sprague has come up with a fabulous answer to that very problem! Her class is online and its FREE!!! Won't you join me??? Please? You know you want to!! Some of you are saying, "But I'm not a scrapbooker." Yes, I can hear you. ;) Don't worry! Jessica says you don't have to be a scrapbooker! You still have stories to tell! here is a snippet from her page:

In our week-long, instructor-led class, we will learn:

*Techniques for capturing memories from our own lives and from others
*Dozens of prompts for stories you might have forgotten
*A cool system for capturing the stories happening in your life right now, AND for listing the stories you have yet to tell
*Technologies you can use to help you gather your stories together with photos, video, your blog, or any other media you have that gives a peek into your life

And we will make a REALLY CUTE project! (You’ll find out the supply list when you register). You are not required to have Photoshop to complete the project.

So come on, what are you waiting for??? Head on over to Jessica's page and register!

Monday, October 27, 2008

SBS Challenge #3

Our latest challenge is to make a Christmas card using non-traditional colors, no reds or greens. This is my result. All papers are from Club Scrap's Fizz kit. The stamp is from Stampin Up. I used Staz-on ink to ink the penguins. My first time using Staz-on by the way. I LOVE that stuff! I colored the candy canes and penguins accessories with Copic markers. (RV09 Fucshia, RV06 Cerise, RV04 Shock Pink and RV02 Sugared Almond Pink) Then I used my Azalea ink to ink around the edges of the white rectangle. I attached the black, silver and white papers to my card base. I then put Mono adhesive liquid glue in various spots to attach the snow". For the life of me, I can't remember what that snowy stuff is called. I've had it for years. Its like tiny pieces of plastic and paper torn up and mixed together. So, thats my card for the challenge. I'll be back later to link the products with their websites. For now, I need to get going. I have to take ds to the orthodontist to finalize our "dental plan"....braces, then oral surgery, oh yeah.... lol

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Favorite...another swap

These are the ATCs I made for another swap over at Club Scrap Chat. The theme is "My Favorite." Several of my favs are used on this card. The base of the card is cardstock from Club Scrap's A Study In Red kit. I cut the cardstock to 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Then I spritzed them all with purple Glimmer Mist. (one of my favs) Once all that was dry, I inked around the edges of the cards with Palette Noir Black ink. I cut out the images from the Japanese Dr Pepper labels. (DEFINITELY one of my favs!) I attached the images to the cards then edged around some of them with gold Stickles. (another one of my favs) The final step was to use rub-ons to say "Michelle's Fav". I hope everyone in the swap loves my ATCs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy Swapping

I promised myself I wouldnt do it. I kept telling myself, "No, save yourself the money you will be spending on postage." I just couldn't resist though. I had to join some swaps at Club Scrap Chat. The tag on the left is for the "Music" tag swap. The supplies I used are: Club Scrap's Serengeti kit, Palette Noir Black ink, Ranger black embossing ink, Versa Mark Bamboo ink, gold embossing powder from Walmart, Ranger Clear embossing posder, Inkadinkado Rock Star stamps, fibers and ribbon from my stash. The guitar embossing didnt turn out the way I wanted on this particular tag. I decided to "cover up" the spot where it didnt emboss with the musical note. I thought it came out pretty good.
The ATC is for the "Quickie" swap. There was no theme for this one. We just had to complete our ATCs and get them mailed soon. I cut everyone's name out using my Cricut and put it on their ATCs. Supplies are: Club Scrap Serengeti papers, Palette Noir Black ink, Hanna Stamps Pirate stamp, gold brads and gold staple from my stash. The words below the pirate flag say "Stamp or be stamped."

The joys of living on base

I forgot what it was like to be on a base that has real exercises. Oh yea, in case you didn't know....a military exercise is basically like practicing war on base. For the past 5 years, we lived off base. Not to mention, it was a training base so their exercises were WAY different than at a "real" lol base. I went to the post office today and had to show my id to get in the door just to check my mail. Now really? If a terrorist decides to hit the base, I'm thinking the post office isn't high on the list. Next I went to the bx but didn't have to show anything to get in the door. hhmmmm I think a 3 story building (kinda like a mini-mall....the commissary and food court are there too) would be a more likely target. After that, I went to the Arts & Crafts Center. yep, had to show my id there too. Now I know its just the military policy and you are supposed to have to show your id everywhere you go during an exercise. I know the rules. I worked on base for a few years myself. I just think its silly where they DIDN'T check ids.
Oh, speaking of's an update. I printed out the gazillion page application. Ok, its more like 20 - 30 but STILL thats a lot! Not to mention, the info they ask for is repetitive. I sssooo wanted to say, "See SAME ANSWER on pg 14." lol I can't even turn in my application until I have a copy of my high school diploma or a letter from the school saying I received a high school diploma. How crazy is that?! One guy I talked to said he even had a college degree to show them but no high school diploma proof. They wouldn't accept that. Oh well, rules are rules, no matter how stupid I think they are. I called my mom and asked her to stop by the high school and get my proof. They told her that she needed a notarized letter saying that I gave her my permission to pick up a copy of my diploma or my transcripts. Ok, gee, wouldn't it just be easier if I sent a letter requesting needed info directly to the school? That would save time. Then they can send it directly to me. So, I'm looking at a minimum of 15 days before I can have all the paperwork needed to apply for a job. I just hope that the 2 jobs I want to apply for are still open when this is all said & done. I guess if its meant to be for me to have a job, then everything will work out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm such a lucky gal!

Look what hubby had delivered for me yesterday! He even told them to not send a vase since I have so many already. I had the perfect size for this bouquet. I wish my camera would capture the real color of these flowers. The purple is so rich and dark. My house smells yummy now!! Kelli, a friend over at Club Scrap Chat found the purple flower online for me.

SBS 25 Challenge #2

Our challenge #2 in Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers Group 25 (SBS25) was to try a new technique. Supplies are limited here in Japan. I wasn't sure what to do so I set off to Splitcoaststampers for inspiration. I was searching through the techniques trying to decide what to try. I came across the one using Goo Gone to blend Primacolors. For these cards, I stamped & embossed with clear embossing powder. I then colored the images in with my Prismacolor pencils. Then, I put a little bit of Goo Gone on a Q-tip. In the technique tips, they said use stumps. I don't have one of those so I used Q-tips. I slowly went over the colored parts. I made sure to use a different part of the Q-tip for each color. It kinda smears the colors a bit. Maybe thats because of the Q-tip. I don't know. I do know they are cheap. lol Anyway, these are the invites for my upcoming Pampered Chef party. The papers are all from Club Scrap's Private Eye kit. The stamp is from CTMH. My dd picked out the embellishments on each card. She was so excited to see the end result.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My eye has been twitching for over TWO freakin hours now! This is SSSOOOOOO annoying!!!!!! I've tried ignoring it, trying to relax, closing my eyes for awhile and applying pressure. NOTHING has worked to make it stop. Ok, you may go back to your regularly scheduled programming now. lol

Happy Fall Y'all!

Ok so the tag isnt very Texan but I am. lol I made this tag for one of the Club Scrap gals. It says "autumn" in Japanese. It was actually pretty easy to write. I only had to practice a few times. The papers are all from Club Scrap's great Outdoors kit. I inked all over each piece of cardstock in black. I tore the red and inked around the edges. I tore a strip of red and a strip of the lighter green (even though it looks greyish here) and inked them then stapled them to the tag.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take me out to the baaaallllgggaaammmmeeee

This is my entry for the Club Scrap October Sketch Challenge. Pics are from the trip Chels and I made to see some of her family and go to the Texas Rangers baseball game a few years ago. The papers are all from Club Scrap's Sparkle kit. I inked around the edges of the solid blue cardstock in silver ink. The baseball themes stickers are from EK Success. I really must get more of those. Oh wait, they dont sell them here! Guess an online shopping spree is in my future. lol That shipping is a killer though!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dang it!

I forget that this blog needs me to resize my pics.I will make them smaller to show the whole pic later. For now, I gotta hop in the shower so I can head to the post office. HOPEFULLY, they will have my SEPTEMBER Club Scrap kit. I am having withdrawals!! I really MUST get Cyprus in my hands SOON!

I've been busy!

Ok, so my plan was to put a card a day on here but I've been on a roll! Some of these I made before surgery. Others I made after.
This one is another breast cancer reminder card. I tore the ribbon paper and used buttonss to hide the edge. I used Azalea ink to ink the dragonfly using a Club Scrap stencil.
These papers are all from Club Scrap's Fizz kit. I cut strips of the dark pink and wove them together. I inked all over the black base in white ink. The girl image is from Hanna Stamps, Tis the Season. I folded her arm over her eyes cause she is dreading her mamogram but she knows she needs to get it done!! hint hint wink wink ;)
Another card from Fizz. I stenciled the flowers are words from Club Scrap Stencils. The flower that pops up was inked onto white paper in Azalea and then chalked with yellow chalk. I cut it out, folded the petals up and attached it to the card base.
Yes, I am trying to use all of my Fizz kit. lol This is Spabella from Stamping Bella. She has bubbles everywhere!!!! My 9 year old dd suggested the pink & white Stickles.
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Papers from Club Scrap's Sparkle kit. Stamps from Hanna Stamps Tis the Season set.
Another snow set using the same supplies as the above card.

I've been double tagged!

So I've been tagged by Debby & Lindsay.
Here's how it works...

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Answer the five sets of five (these are easy)
3. Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are the 5 sets of five...

Things you love...

1. My family
2. Disney
3. crafting
4. music
5. Captain Jack Sparrow (Oh Debby I'm SSSOOO with ya on that one!)

Not necessarily in that order.

Things you don't love...

1. mean angry vindictive manipulative people (I'm with ya on that one too Debby!)
2. liars (If you cant tell the truth, then stop wasting my time. Just be honest & be yourself.)
3. paying inflated prices for things because I'm overseas
4. the fact that the postal system can't seem to deliver my Club Scrap goodies to me even though the box was shipped OVER A MONTH AGO and I've received other boxes from elsewhere that were shipped since then!
5. the lack of clothing choices here in Japan....the Harajuki girls might have their wicked style but it does NOT fit my body! lol

Songs on your iPod/Playlist
Just 5?????? lol I have over 10,000. I'll list a wide variety so you can truly see how wide my taste in music is.
1. Push - Enrique Iglesias
2. 1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky (We played this every year in high school bad. Great memories there. Mom even played it when she was in the same band!)
3. Still Dirtty - Christina Aguilera (She is AMAZING in concert!!!!)
4. Down With the Sickness - Disturbed (They are awesome in concert too! This one reminds me of my fav Wildcat hockey players! They skated out to this song at the beginning of the games. Bad Ass!!!!)
5. 'Fore She Was Mama - Clay Walker (He is one of the nicest guys I've met! Met him when he performed at my high school way back before he was famous. We went to the same school.)

Favorite Foods/Drinks

1. fresh seafood...mmmmmm gotta LOVE living on an island! Yes, you can be jealous!! lol If it makes ya feel better, things here are EXPENSIVE!
2. JAPANESE Dr Pepper, yes there IS a difference. OH MY is it amazing! Its more like the Dr Pepper made with pure cane sugar.
3. Mexican food.......thankfully I can make killer enchiladas, tacos, burritos, nachos etc! the Japanese aren't so good at cooking Mexican food. lol
4. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate (Yep, gotta go with Debby on this one too!)
5. steak & taters!

People you are tagging...

1. Sharon
2. Kim
3. Susie
4. Leslie
5. Judy

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And they're OUTTA HERE!!!!

lol So my teeth are out. I've been home for a few hours. They are still bleeding. They told me to pack the gauze around the holes and bite down as hard as I can for as long as I can. Now my jaws REALLY hurt. lol I'm still in a Percocet haze. oooohhh wonder if I should attempt to make a card but use NO sharp objects?? Wonder how funny that card would look???? hhhmmmm Anyway, several friends suggested tea bags to stop the bleeding cause the natural tanins in teas stops bleeding. I will try that next. I did it earlier but I guess it wasnt for long enough. Thanks for all the prayers, positive thoughts, hints, tips & well wishes. I should be back once these drugs wear off.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm having oral surgery.... :(

I am having my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. Well, Thursday for me here in Japan...Wednesday for y'all in the states. I'm not so much worried about the pain. I will be completely knocked out. What I'm worried about is the bleeding since I'm anemic. Wish me luck! I hope to be back online soon after surgery. Until surgery, I will keep crafting and posting my goodies.

Sense of humor needed for this one....

Ok, if you are a fan of Jeff Dunham, then you will totally "get" this card. The papers are from Club Scraps Fizz kit. Yes, I know, I know, I use a lot of Club Scrap. Well, if you were to see my closet, then you would understand why. I have years of CS kits piling up and want to use them all so my shoes can have a home again. Ok, ok, back to the card...... I inked around the edges of all the cardstock in black. I stamped Spabella onto the silver cardstock. I added pink staples for accent. The dark pink "hheellllooo" part opens to show the inside sentiment of... "I am Lindsay Lohan". Now before ya freak out, like I said, you just gotta see Jeff and Achmed to understand this card. I thought about printing a pic of Achmed and putting it on the inside next to the words. The eyelets were used to hold the mesh and add a bit more dazzle.

Breast Cancer reminder......

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought I would make cards to send to family & friends. I have a few family members who have been affected by this horrible disease. This is a lighthearted reminder to check your ta tas monthly. :)
The base of these cards are all Club Scrap Fizz. I used the silver from Fizz on a few of these too. I inked almost all of the edges. I also used pattern paper with the breast cancer support ribbon on it. I had some pink mulberry paper and pink marbled paper in my scraps that I also used. The letters for "Aarrrr" are stickers. All other letters are rub-ons. I added buttons to a few cards due to a button challenge on Splitcoast Stampers. The mess is also from my stash. The outside of all the cards says, "Aarrr ye rememberin". The inside says, "to check your ta tas monthly?" I hope you enjoy and remember, check your ta tas monthly.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Acrylic Cover Album

I made this album using Club Scrap's Sparkle Acrylic Album project. Its from their December 2007 kit. This paper is SSSOOOO scrumptious!!! Thick AND sparkly....who could resist?! lol The album kit included an acrylic cover, bookboard back, 6x6 page protectors, 6x6 pages and the cute silver rings to hold it all together. There were also supplies & instrictions included to make your own rub-ons. I couldnt because my printer is out of ink and they dont sell my cartridges here. :( So, I used some epoxy stickers for the cover. They say, "treasure", "inspiration" and "discover the miracle in each new day". Also included in the Scrap Rap were instructions for 6x6 layouts. I used those as a starting point for my layouts. Once I figure out exactly who will recieve this beauty, then I'll finish the pages.