Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been tagged!

Lori tagged me! For this one, I have to go to my pictures and look in the 6th folder and post the 6th picture and explain it. I am also to pick 6 friends that visit my blog that I would like to get to know better and let them know that they have been tagged. Also post a link to the person that tagged me. Click on Lori's name above to visit her blog.
My pic is one of a teabox that I made. Actually, its made for drinking sake from. Teabags fit perfectly so I altered the box a bit. I stained it with Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink. I then stamped tea cups, teapots and tea phrases all over the box. I haven't decided who to give this to yet.Its sitting in my china cabinet looking cute. :)
So who am I tagging??? hhhhmmmm lets see, how about.....

Thanks again to everyone for sharing my blog candy. Its so cool to see people from all over the world stop by and visit! Good luck everyone!!!!

Project 365...Pic 17 Shower Me With Gifts Galore

So I am FINALLY working on our wedding scrapbook. This is one of several layouts of my wedding shower. I was going to edit out the mess on my table but it shows part of the creating process. I will show close ups of the layout earlier. You cant really see in this pic where I wrote "with gifts galore" under "Shower me". I also drew a stitched border on both pages. Frizzybella is colored with Copics and chalk. I really need to get flesh colored Copics! lol I wanted her pants to look like jeans.

Project 365...Pic 16 Wine & Cheese mmmmm

Hubby & I occasionally have wine & cheese night. This night was a bit different from others. The only brie we could find was in a small box at the commissary. When I opened the box, out came a can. What?! Cheese in a can? and not the spray kind of can cheese either lol The next abnormal (at least for us) was the wine in a box. We always try a different bottle of wine. We have a list of the ones we liked while in Texas. NONE of those are sold here! We've started our list all over. We decided to give the box wine a chance. The one we got doesn't go so well with cheese & apples. I think next time, I will serve it with a rich, decadent, fattening dessert. That should be much better!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Project 365...Pic 15 We've Been Framed!

Yesterday hubby & I took a "Framing & Mat Cutting Class". It was so much fun. Now I understand why special order frames cost so much. Its a lot of work but well worth it. With both the pics we framed, we were able to cover parts of the photo we didn't want to show. (empty space & our dining table lol) I love how mine turned out.
Thanks again to everyone for entering to win my blog candy! Keep spreading the word and entering.

Project 365...Pic 14 Narnia is finished!

It took me awhile but I FINALLY finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I must say, the books are so much better than the movies! Isn't that usually the case though?! I know it was with Twilight too! If you liked the Narnia movies, I highly suggest you read the books. See if your local library has them. I purchased this one at Sam's Club. I planned to read it on the 13 hour plane ride to Japan. I never did but at least I finally finished. lol

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project 365...Pic 13 Dinner at the Great Taj Mahal

Ok, so its not THE Taj Mahal. However, the restuarant we tried today is called Great Taj Mahal. We ordered the chicken & vegetable curry and naan. Naan is an amazing bread! Compare the size of the naan with the chopsticks. It is HUGE! Hubby found a recipe for me to try. hhmmm not sure about that. I'd just rather pay them 283 yen and be done with it. lol The curry was spicy but not too spicy. You can choose levels 0 - 6. Zero is no spice, 6 is the hottest they make. Mine was a 3. mmmmmm yummy! After we ate, they packaged up our leftovers then served us hot chai. I can see this being a fav spot in the future!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time for a change!

I decided it was about time to change the look of my blog. Cheryl has an adorable background so I went where she went. lol Go see Allie over at She not only has fabulous layouts and headers, she lists instructions for adding them to your blog! All I did for my header was add my text to her header. (Hope you dont mind Allie.)

Please be patient

Blogger is giving me a hard time about changing my page layout. Hopefully, I can get this fixed soon.

Project 365...Pic 12

mmmmm Some days you just need an ice cold Guinness in a frosted, chilled mug. Tasty!

Memories Cubed instructional video

For my cube, I used papers from Club Scrap's "Gimme a Ring", January 2009 kit. The stamps I used are from Kodomo. The one in the pic for Day 10 is one of the stamp designs I am giving away in my blog candy. As you can tell from some of the pics, its hard to get a clear stamped image on this cube if you stamp after you assemble the cube. I suggest you stamp prior to assembly. I did it this way because I was unsure how it would turn out. Its a good thing. I messed up a step and ended up tearing apart my cube to redo it a few times. If you follow Tricia's directions exactly though, you should have no problem. lol I got ahead of her and skipped one part. Pause is a wonderful feature in videos! ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Project 365...Pic 11

Today was like Christmas at work. Well, almost. We received tons boxes but can't put the tiems on the shelves yet. We have to have the invoice first. This is the boxes we received from Inkadinkado. I can't wait to get my inky hands all over those stamps! I have images of gorgeous art flowing through my head! lol
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365...Pic 10

Today I worked on a cube project, using Club Scrap's Memories Cubed instructions. I learned that the images, without a doubt, need to be stamped BEFORE the cube is assembled. You can tell exactly why in this photo.
Thanks again to everyone for spreading the word about my blog candy. I wish I had enough to give to everyone! If you haven't entered yet, you still have time!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Blog candy!

Check it out......

LuLu has some great candy to celebrate her bday.

Butterfly Award.......

aaawwww Isnt Janet the sweetest! She gave me this gorgeous award! I love butterlies. I am so thirlled to receive this award. Sorry it took me awhile to post it Janet. *blush* I really do love it. Thanks!!! sssooooo, without further ado, I award this to.....

Miss Bootybella Herself ;)

Project 365...Pic 9

Today at work, I made examples for the upcoming Valentine card making class that I will be teaching. They had to be relatively simple and inexpensive cards. This class is open to ages 5 and up. We also wanted the class to be inexpensive. These two cards are my two choices. I hope we have enough people interested in the class.
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Project 365...Pic 8

So my pic for yesterday is of part of the balloons we inflated at work. We had several orders for Saturday. One was for 70, yes seventy, latex balloons! I tried several angles and like this one best. I think next time, I will have all the balloons in their corral and see how that one looks.
Thanks to everyone who has entered my blog candy so far. I am working on replying to everyone.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Project 365....Day 7

So my pic today is a self portrait. I know I cut off the top of my head but this is the best pic out of all of the ones I took. I got my hair cut for the first time here by one of the Japanese gals at the salon. I was a bit nervous at first. I've gotten mixed reviews about their services. I will definitely be going back to the same girl. I LOVE how it turned out.

Project 365...Pic 6

I took this one yesterday but didn't have energy to post it after work. This is the drink/napkin station at one if the food courts here. All the way to the left is a sink to wash your hands I guess but there is no soap or napkins. Next to that are 2 wet napkin dispensers. You push the button up front and it dispenses a warm rolled up napkin. They use these to clean their hands before eating a meal. On the right of that is the water dispenser. Most of the restaurants in the food court offer plastic reusable cups to get all the water you want. :) The two trash cans all the way to the right are for separating your trash. All burnable trash (yes they burn their paper trash here) goes in one container and everything else in another.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Candy!

I will update this post randomly today as I find more candy. Here is a FABU one for Kerry's anniversary. Check it out!
Go see the gorgeous bracelet Gabrie is giving away!
Tasha is celebrating & giving away some cool goodies too!
Don't forget my blog candy either. :)

Project 365.....Pic 5

Today's pic is a sunset view of Mt. Fuji. I wish I could take a pic without the power lines in view. They block the view from every location here. One day we will take a trip right up Fuji. Imagine what those pics will be like!! I got several great and a few so-so sunset shots. Its kinda hard to get a good one when the sun is right in your eyes. lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Candy here!!!

Ok gals, you've waited patiently and now here is my first ever blog candy...

Whats up for grabs?? TWO Kodomo stamps and FIVE Copic markers of your color choice! The Copics in the photo are NOT the ones you will get. I just snapped the pic with 5 from my stash. :) You get to pick your own colors. How cool is that??? To be entered, all you have to do is share my blog candy somewhere then show me the link. The more places you share, the more entries you get. :) On January 31st, I will print out all names, toss them in a bowl and have my daughter pick a name from the bowl. Good luck everyone!!

Project 365....Pic 4

Today my boss ordered me a Japanese bento lunch. Basically, they have a set menu, you call and order the food you want each day & they bring it to your workplace. I have to ask her later what everything was. It was very tasty. It only cost 300 yen. (about $3.40) I tried several angles and like this pic best.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog candy coming soon!

So I have a few goodies that I'm putting together for blog candy. Once everything is all together, I will take a pic and post. Be sure and check back soon! I think this is one you will love. (at least I hope so lol)

Project 365....Pic 3

So this pic is nothing glamorous, nothing fancy. It just shows the majority of my Club Scrap stash. Also shows hubby's junk in the front closet where I store my paper crafting goodies. lol I have more of these pizza boxes in my bedroom closet upstairs. Each box contains a different color family. (red, orange, yellow, etc) I also have boxes for specific themes. (Disney, hockey, birthdays) My goal is to use up some of this stash. These papers would look MUCH better as completed pages than they do sitting in boxes, waiting to be turned into works of art.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project 365....Pic 2

Here is my 2nd pic. I used a French Press Coffee Maker today for the first time. I took several pics as I plan on putting this in my "Coffee" scrapbook. If you have time and want to, try googling Project 365. You will find a wide variety of pics from everyone's daily lives. Very interesting idea. I rather like this one. Today, when our photojournalism teacher comes in at work, I might try and talk him into teaching me to develop film. I would love to do a project like this with my SLR camera. Sadly, the film developing options here in Japan are either crazy expensive or poor quality. I might try someplace like snapfish. If you have tried one of those mail your film off to be developed places, please let me know. I would love to hear everyone's opinions.

Project 365...Pic 1

Yes, I am late getting started but better late than never, right? :) So basically, I will be taking a pic a day to record our daily life. Here is my first pic.Pretty generic, I know but its my work schedule for the month. I love the freebie calendar I got from work. It list both Japanese and American holidays. Mt Fuji is in the background of every page. You will eventually get to see them all.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm still alive! :)

Thanks to everyone for their concern while I disappeared. I'm still here. Kinda in a funk, but still here. Work hours are finally getting regular. Hopefully, I will have more time to play. The "man flue" is still lingering at my house. As soon as its gone & he heads back to work, I will be back posting more often. I've neglected my blog as well as my pals over at PAO. I DID reorganize some of my scrapping supplies over the holidays. I brought all my Club Scrap boxes to the downstairs closet so I can access them easier. I also made swatches of the cardstock stash I have. I'll post a pic when the camera is done charging, I organized all my other papers according to brand. I took pics too so I wont buy duplicates. lol I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I promise, promise, promise not to be so scarce in the future!