Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is in the air........

Ok, the elections are over. Its done. We have a new president. This is a historical time in our world. Hopefully, Obama can come through with the change he promised. The day before the election, Biden said something along the lines of, "We will make sure your kids go to college." Ok, I don't remember the quote exactly but you get the point. Anyway, when its time for my son to go to college, I will definitely be thinking of that promise. Don't think I wont write a letter saying, pay up. lol Now I can write to my Texas representatives about the astronomical gas prices here on base. That issue is another entire blog entry in itself. Long story short, we are STILL paying $4.06/gallon and the stories they are feeding us don't add up. Enough of all that....
The other change in my life...... My beloved Club Scrap has made a HUGE change. No longer will we have separate sites for the chat forum and their website. Everything is now housed under one location. I'm loving most of the features over there. Its nice to have my own gallery. The upload speed when I add art to my gallery is AMAZING!!! I love the fact that it didn't take me 20 bazillion tries to resize the image I wanted to use for my avatar. However, the site keeps going down. :( I am online at various times during the day so its not like its going down during the busiest of times. Remember, I am 15 hours ahead of Club Scrap Time. (Central Standard Time or Cowboys Standard Time as hubby says lol) There has been a bit of resistance to the new site. I understand the frustration many of the gals are experiencing. When we went from the yahoo group to the current chat forum a year ago, I hated it. I resisted the change. I however, became to love it. I don't think its the actual chat forum, its the people. The gals at Club Scrap Chat have become like family for me. I hope those that don't make the transition will continue to keep in touch. If you are reading this and you are one of those gals, let me know if you need my email. :)
So, chin up gals! Change is here! We can either embrace it or dig in our heels and rebel, fuss, pout or move on. The point is, CS decided to go with the new forum. We either head over there or move on with our lives. I wish everyone the best of luck with everything.

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