Monday, November 3, 2008

Tokyo Sea Life Park

I chaperoned a field trip to Tokyo Sea Life Park. It took us over 3 hours to get there but only 2 to arrive back home. Gotta love Tokyo traffic. NOT! We had less than 1 hour to tour the aquarium. We plan to go back one weekend so we can actually see everything and take our time. Walking up, we saw the cool shape of the building.
Once we got to the upper platform, we noticed the two pools of water that seemed to spill over the edge of the wall. To the right, was Tokyo Bay. Then we looked left. What was that? Did I see a castle? and wait, theres... is it??? YES!!! Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Its Tokyo Disneyland!!!!! YEAH!!!! I zoomed in all the way with my Nikon camera to snap several pics. Eventually, we WILL make it to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.
Ok, back to the aquarium.....It appears to be set up really nice. Each tank is arrange in order of where the fish inside are located on the globe. All the Pacific fish together, Atlantic, etc, etc. Who would have known that penguins would be living in Japan?! And outside at that! We were pleasantly surprised.
It was difficult to snap good pictures when we were in such a hurry. The names of the fish and the map are in Japanese as well as English. I'm too lazy to resize these pics so click on them to see the whole image. lol
Aren't these little girls the cutest??? They kept staring at us. The aquarium was PACKED with schools on tour. Ours was the only American group. It was very windy outside. This little girl snagging her hat turned out to be one of the cutest pics of the day!
Check out the Japanese bus and the cool shaped tree in the parking lot. I only wish I had gotten all of the ferris wheel in the pic. I wasn't paying attention to that when I snapped this pic. We were rushing back to the bus because we were late. Don't worry, the teacher was too. lol
Ok, y'all know how I love pink. Well this pink bus was parked next to our bus. Check out the logo. lol


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Debby said...

Great pics. Gosh thanks for sharing part of Tokyo with us. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Disneyland.

Kristen said...

Awesome pics. Looks like it was a real photo op.

Janet said...

looks like you had fun!!