Monday, March 28, 2011

The latest from our area of Japan

We are still safe & sound here in our little corner of Japan. As Col. Feather says, "The water is tasty and the chow is hot!" OK, only my gals & guys here at Yokota will "get" that one. lol Really though....we are fine. They monitor the air and water numerous times a day here. Our water does not come from Tokyo so it does not affect us when they say the water in Tokyo is unsafe for babies. Yokota is the airlift hub for the military rescue efforts. Things are busy to say the least. Several friends & their kiddos have taken part in the voluntary departure. My friend Kate is helping with the relief efforts. I've been gathering supplies to bring to her. I believe the last count for aftershocks since the 9.0 was somewhere over 700. We havent felt them all in our area. However, there have been some decent ones. I won't lie.....sometimes it DOES rattle your nerves. I often wonder "What if" with each shake. What if this is another big one....what if I can't get to my kids....what if it happens when we are sleeping. Then I remind myself of something. Its just like one of our DJs on Eagle810 here said, "You can't keep playing the what if game."
I'm trying to stay busy myself. I've been baking cookies to donate to the relief workers. I'm plan to do something crafty every day. Now I need to make sure that I set aside blog time too! I hope to try a different technique each day. Some of them are new to me and others are not. Today, I plan to work on a canvas. Not sure what it will turn into. I just want to CREATE. Since I am watching or rather listening to Jeff Dunham who knows what it will look like. lol
Taylor's 12th birthday is tomorrow. Her party will be this weekend. Im not sure yet how many kids will make it. So many are gone with the voluntary departure. We will make it fun no matter what. Its a pink pirate theme. She wants a cake that looks like a bar of gold. Should be easy...right?? I'll post pics along the way.

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