Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thanks Kath!

I feel so honored! Kath has chosen me for the Stylish Blogger Award! When you are given this award...there are (4) things you must do...
1. Thank the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog (above). Thanks again Kath!!!!
2. Share (8) things about yourself:
(1) We will be moving from Japan this summer. (more details to be posted later on my blog)
(2) I love to watch Disney movies, even when the kids aren't around.
(3) I am still a Disney nut. (Always will be.) I will never grow up!
(4) I am participating in Brave Girls Soul Restoration.
(5) I rarely watch the news. All that negativity, over reacting and exagerating annoys me.
(6) Things here in Japan are not as bad as everyone in the US thinks it is. I am fine. The water here on base is fine. The air is fine. (well other than the pollen lol)
(7) I am VERY allergic to the cherry blossom trees. :(
(8) I LOVE teaching others how to get crafty.

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Judy said...

Thanks so much Michelle for the award. Glad to see that you are well and happy and nowhere near the quake & tsunami areas. Terrible tragedy. Will be updating my blog soon with more updates on my health - thanks for asking.

Leslie@gmail said...

I thanked you in the wrong post. LOL< but you can never get too many thank you's!! Thanks Michelle and I will update my blog soon with your kind award.