Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365... 8, 10 and 11

Yes, I skipped 9. That will be an entire blog post in itself. :) Day 9 was very difficult to choose just 1 photo. You will soon see why. So, onto the other pics. Day 8...My dd was home sick from school. She started a Hanna Montana marathon to pass the time. I had to interrupt to watch the longhorns lose. ;) To keep her entertained, I taught her how to make tags, Tim Holtz style. I am very very proud of her results!!!

PhotobucketDay 10 is one of the plants hubby's coworkers gave me when I had my hysterectomy. If anyone can give me tips on this plant I would GREATLY appreciate it. He is just not happy in my home. I've tried lots of light, little light, no light, lots water, no water, medium amount of water. Nothing seems to work. Another plant in the same area is very happy. Not sure what the issue is.

PhotobucketDay 11 I finished reading Dacre Stocker's Dracula The Un-Dead. Thought it was appropriate for the book to be my photo of the day.

Wow, I just realized how big those look. lol I willl have to make them smaller next time. I'm off to resize the pics from Day 9. Look for that post soon. I hope you are all having a crafty day!!!!

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