Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 365...Day 22

One of the many many things I've found interesting here in Japan is their vast array of pastries. There are several shops that offer yummy baked goods. Japanese sweets aren't as rich as American sweets. That means less calories & fat. Right? lol When you enter these shops, you grab a tray and tongs, wander around & choose the goodies you want. Once your tray is full, you bring it to the register and they ring up your purchase. The thing I don't like though is that they wrap every single pastry in a plastic bag. I cringe and think, "Oh no! This is greatly enlarging my environmental footprint! Not good!" They really should put them in one big box. Some of the goodies are oh so yummy. Others, not so much. This one was kiwi & cream. It looks much better than it tasted. I took one bite then decided it wasn't worth the calories & fat. lol
I'm working on my Mardi Gras masks and invites. Just wait until you see them. I am loving the mask so far!!!! Don't forget about my blog candy. Time is almost up! Happy crafting!!!

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