Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Tags of Christmas Day 4

Ok, y'all know how much I love Disney. Since I don't have any Tim stamps, I decided to make a Disney collage for this tag. You can see Tim's tag here. Like most of my tags, they are darker in person. As soon as there is a sunny day & I'm at home, I will take better pics of the tags. The flash really washes them out. At least you get the general idea. Ok, back to the tag....Disney collage background and Disney charm. The charm & chain are a bracelet that I will be giving my daughter for Christmas. The charm has tiny Mickey heads inside. wwwaaayyyyy cute! :) Notice the small Mickey heads on the tag? Its Mickey made from Sakura flower petals. Thanks to Michelle R. for finding that stamp for me! I stamped the image on a different piece of cardstock then cut out the Mickey heads. They pop off the tag just a tad. So, have you attempted anything crafty today? I hope so! Happy crafting!!

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Yoli said...

OMG! How cute it that! How clever of you to do a Mickey themed tag. LOVE the Mickey charm. Perfect compliment to the tag.