Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project 365....Pic 2

Here is my 2nd pic. I used a French Press Coffee Maker today for the first time. I took several pics as I plan on putting this in my "Coffee" scrapbook. If you have time and want to, try googling Project 365. You will find a wide variety of pics from everyone's daily lives. Very interesting idea. I rather like this one. Today, when our photojournalism teacher comes in at work, I might try and talk him into teaching me to develop film. I would love to do a project like this with my SLR camera. Sadly, the film developing options here in Japan are either crazy expensive or poor quality. I might try someplace like snapfish. If you have tried one of those mail your film off to be developed places, please let me know. I would love to hear everyone's opinions.


Luly The Joyful Cropper said...

Great picture. Its funny because my first pic was of my coffee because it makes me so HAPPY! Great job..

TA Carbone said...

Michelle I will say I have tried Snapfish, CVS, Walmart, Clark Color Labs and they are all fantastic except for CVS. You have to resize your pictures once they are uploaded on their site and it is a pain in the but because when you get your pictures they still aren't like how you fixed them to be printed.

n8tvtexan said...

Thanks for the heads up about photo printing services. I sent some to Walgreens for my mom. She said they were great but then again, she hasnt seent the originals. lol I think I will try Snapfish first. Several people here said they ship fast to our APO addy.