Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365...Pic 16 Wine & Cheese mmmmm

Hubby & I occasionally have wine & cheese night. This night was a bit different from others. The only brie we could find was in a small box at the commissary. When I opened the box, out came a can. What?! Cheese in a can? and not the spray kind of can cheese either lol The next abnormal (at least for us) was the wine in a box. We always try a different bottle of wine. We have a list of the ones we liked while in Texas. NONE of those are sold here! We've started our list all over. We decided to give the box wine a chance. The one we got doesn't go so well with cheese & apples. I think next time, I will serve it with a rich, decadent, fattening dessert. That should be much better!

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De said...

Wow, that looks really yummy! I should have started a project 365. Poo.

Regarding your comment on Copics on my Blog... OHMYGOSH I didn't even THINK about Copics being from Japan! DUH! I may be coming over in April for work... ewww, that could be dangerous. Where are you stationed? I'll be going to the Navy base in Yoko.

Love your creations!